About The App

Improve your club’s on field and off-field performance

Third Man Apps specialises in building club-branded apps for smart phones.

We are mindful of the concerns with club finances and as such the app has been priced accordingly.

What is a club branded mobile phone App?

If you own a smart phone, you have most likely viewed the footy or cricket scores via an app on your phone.  Remember how easy it was to use?  Well that’s exactly what our product is at Third Man Apps.  The only difference?  It is your club’s very own app!

The process is simple. You send us your club’s logo along with any other information you require to be included and we do the rest.

Players, supporters and sponsors are then able to download your club-branded app for free (from the App Store and Google Play), gaining access to your club’s information from the convenience of their mobile phone.

Sponsors are able to feature their products or services through banner advertising in your app giving them more bang for their buck while generating additional revenue for your club.  We think that’s a win-win!

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