About us

Third Man Apps is a team.  A team that has 15 years of experience working with clubs and organisations, as both players and committee members.  We understand the complexities of running a successful club, particularly the various financial constraints.

Our mission was to develop technology that allowed clubs to communicate with their key contacts (namely players, supporters and sponsors) as well as creating new streams of corporate revenue and sponsorships.

We have developed an easy-to-use, efficient and profit-making app, to be used in any way clubs see fit.  There is no learning curve required to use the software; it is as simple as strapping on your boots or pads and taking the field!

From our many years of experience within the sporting environment, we have a great understanding into the wants and needs of clubs.  These insights have been incorporated into both the development and design phases of the app.

We are constantly innovating and adding new features based on the specific requirements of our clients.

Don’t get left behind the opposition – contact us today!

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